You're in good hands with Tri-State Moving Long-Distance

Learn more about how we do long distance moves below.

In the complicated process of moving, you might need a little support to give you peace of mind.

The experts at Tri-State area Movers are here to help! Our Long Island moving company has been in business since 1998, serving people just like you.

We make it easy

Whether you’re moving across the country or just a few states away, our long-distance division has the experience and knowledge to handle the special demands of long-distance and interstate moves.


We practice the best safety standards to ensure that all of your valuables arrive at your new home safe and sound.

With brand new shiny trucks a dedicated long-distance moving agent, and professional workers we’re sure that we can make your move seamless.


Every inch in your house can be well-maintained with the help of services we offer. Forget about any worries and select the service you need.

We provide thousands of boxes and supplies to our customers every month. We also wholesale these supplies to over 100+ local businesses in Long Island – we can beat any price and provide you with anything you may need.

We offer insurance for every move, feel free to take advantage of it and move in peace.

We work very hard to offer guaranteed times for your long distance move to be delivered to your new home. There’s no hassle with us. Many other companies can’t offer this service since they contact their long distance moves out to other companies.

We understand all the different storage needs and requirements of our customers.  Some need long term storage, some need short term storage, some need a temporary solution during their move, some require constant access to their stored goods, while others don’t need access at all.  Whatever your needs, you can be sure we already have existing customers with the same requirements, and we can handle your job easily and efficiently, to your satisfaction.

What else makes Tri-state special?

With over 18 years of experience in the industry, Tri-State Area Moving & Storage understands how to take the hassle out of the relocation process. Our mission is simple. We create the most organized and professional moving service for our clients while providing them with excellent customer care.

We’re located in the New York Tri-State Area have the capabilities to service all local & long distance moves throughout the continental United States. We ensure the safety of your items through a meticulous inventory process, a well-trained staff, a variety of durable packing supplies, a fleet of trucks equipped with the best safety and tracking devices, and a highly secure storage facility.