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The office is moving and it’s your responsibility to choose the right mover. “Simple,” you say.
“I’ll just Google Office Movers and pick three to bid on our job.” That’s the wrong approach.
Unfortunately, you can’t judge a mover’s quality by the content of their website.
Did you know that most moving companies’ forte is their household division, while their weakest area is commercial moving?

An experienced office mover knows that the difference between a residential and a commercial move is as great as the difference between night and day. Yes, many will get you to your new location, but there’s a high likelihood that it will not be on time, within budget or without mishap.

Your goal is to accomplish this move as a hero, not end up as the scapegoat. So instead of playing “Russian roulette” on the Internet (and maybe your career), let us show you how to find the absolute best movers for your office.

Step 1: Find the BEST Moving Company

There are a few ways to find a Moving Company that fits your needs. You can ask the building managers at both your present and new locations to recommend two or three commercial moving companies. Property management people have extensive first-hand experience with movers and
are as anxious as you are to have a successful move, making them a great place to start your selection process.

Referrals are almost always the best way to find movers that can be trusted to move your livelihood, if you’re an entrepreneur, or place of work. Secondly, you can use trusted sources online. Sources like Yelp, Angie’s List, or even Google Services/Local Business Ads.

You last resort should be lead-gen websites. Not that the companies you will be contacted by these sources are of lesser quality, but they don’t have the same level of trust and reputation as the other two methods listed above.

Step 2: Interview Your Moving Company

Schedule an interview with a few top candidates from your search. Ask them several questions throughout the process. Some things you might want to ask are:
– What type of moving cartons will you provide?
– How will you handle our computers and other electronic equipment?
– How will you protect the office building from damage?
– Will you furnish a list of your last five office moves?
You should contact these references and ask them if they recommend these movers

Step 3: Pick Your Movers & Book Your Move!

If you follow the procedures outlined above, you will have taken a giant step toward being a
hero–congratulated for a job well done–and not the scapegoat for all the things that went wrong.

Step 4 (Bonus): Consider using Tri-State Area Movers for your next move

Whether it’s your office move or personal move, we’d love to help you out. Feel free to get in touch, you’re already on our site anyway 🙂